Microwokers Postal Mail

I was not actually expecting I would be receiving a mail from Slovenia today. It is actually came from Microworkers. Honestly, when I reached the minimum payout required to withdraw, I seldom visit the site. After I requested my earnings last June 29 I was quite hesitant that it could be a scam since 21 days of waiting for the mail is over. I told myself I need a proof for before I proceed wasting my time doing tasks there. A part of their policy is that before you could withdraw your earnings, they are sending you a postal mail that contains your PIN or Personal Identification Number that will serve as password for you to receive further payments from them. So it actually came after a month and a half. Now I can withdraw my earnings via PayPal.

This is how the mail looks. I took it at night time and I don't have any better camera available, pardon the picture's resolution :-)


Shareapic is a hosting site for your pictures. When somebody views your picture using the link they've provided, you get paid. My current earnings there is $0.3973 USD. The more picture views you're sharing, the faster you're earnings grow.

You can upload unlimited pictures. There is no file size restrictions and you can create unlimited galleries, get the picture codes and you can post them in your Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Orkut, and other social sites.

For Example:

James Younghusband, Bangs Garcia, Alessandra de Rossi, and Phil Younghusband

They pay $0.22 per 1000 picture views and that's more than some major ad networks pay their publishers. They also allow you to add your Bidvertiser code to your image and gallery pages. The pay out is within 30 days and the minimum cash out amount is $20.

Click on the banner to get started:


What is MyLot? MyLot is a forum site. What to do to earn? There are three activities for you to earn. To create a discussion, to participate or comment a discussion, and to use their surf bar.

Here's an example of a good discussion to post: (Click to zoom images)

And a good comment:

According to my fellow MyLotters and my observation too, the quality of your participation really counts. So you have to make sure your responses and discussions are sensible and not a just a phrase or a sentence.

Here is their surf bar, I use it instead yahoo search engine and google when I'm online. You just use it normally and not abuse it, they could detect you according to some MyLotters.

Unfortunately earnings is still on $0.25 since I don't get to participate often. I lost my balance when I didn't visit them for 6 straight months. That is one of their policy, so I'm back to scratch. Minimum payout is $10. There's so much more from MyLot. Aside from earning from them, you get to meet friends and promote other sites you are affiliated. So just enjoy your stay there and you'll just notice you reach your payout already.

You can start joining HERE